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Why Lift?

We deliver data based analysis on what is impacting revenue growth.

LIFT is THE Sales Optimization Company. Our Mission is simple, we will research your organization and provide you with data on what is helping or hindering optimal sales output. Whether you are a start-up or a multi-billion dollar organization, optimizing revenue & profit is critical to your health. Many of our clients thought that they knew what was standing in their way, but our Sales Optics® process not only gave them definitive proof, but we also uncovered issues that they never suspected.

HINT – The solution lies beyond your sales team.  More sales training isn’t the fix! More dollars thrown at marketing isn’t the fix!




Sales Optics®

Do you know exactly why you made, or didn’t make your sales/profit goal last year?

For more than 15 years, LIFT has been fiercely focused on optimizing the performance of our clients. What we have learned during that time is that sales & profit optimization comes from more than just the Sales Function. It is easy to point the finger at sales, but if all parts of a company are not aligned the success of the business will be impacted.  We have developed a proprietary process that helps LIFT to clearly and objectively pinpoint the strengths of our clients’ organizations, while at the same time see hidden barriers to optimized organizational performance.Learn More »


Sales Optics® Score (SOS) Survey

How effectively do all segments of your organization work together to maximize sales & profit?

LIFT has created a proprietary benchmarking tool that provides our clients with immediate information on the state of their sales output. The benchmark data derived from this tool can be used as a starting point before any key investment or initiative is implemented. After the initiative is launched, you can reassess your SOS to determine if the initiative has produced the desired results.Learn More »


5:50² ®

Do you have a clear understanding of what your prospective customers are looking for?

Connecting with prospective customers is the goal of every sales organization. 5:50²® is the key to making fast connections with a greater impact! LIFT works to understand your competitive landscape and your customer’s personas, then function as a bridge to ensure that your value proposition is being articulated in a way that prompts them to listen to act.Learn More »

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