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PSO 2.0 – Transforming Professional Services into Professional Sales!?

Jump to a Section: Commitment | Trust | Reliable | Integrity Calling all CEOs, COOs and Board Members: if you aren’t looking at your Professional Services Organization (PSO) as a Professional SALES Organization, you are unequivocally hurting the value of your business. If your PSO Project Managers, Consultants and Engineers are NOT searching for opportunities […]

Who Owns the Customer Journey?

Jump to a Section: Awareness | Interest | Consideration | Evaluation | Purchase | Service | Loyalty | Re-Purchasing Has anyone asked this question inside of your organization recently? If no one has, have you discussed every part of the SALES JOURNEY/Sales Process, as it aligns with your customer journey? If you haven’t discussed either […]

What Is Your Crisis Selling Playbook?

It is late March 2020, and most of the business world is experiencing some type of crisis because of Covid-19. After a recent financial crisis, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, stated, “The financial crisis revealed important weaknesses in many areas of our financial system.”