Lift Organizational Consulting

What Our Clients Say

Bob Logue was a great partner in helping us think through our efforts to simplify and better fit our route to market to the evolving market conditions. His hands-on and collaborative approach allowed us to develop the best possible selling organization to support our next phase of growth.

Lance Chambers
Bel Brands USA

I have been fortunate to attend a lot of national and international business meetings in my career, and I am rarely captivated by a speaker. Bob Logue was able to not only captivate me when I saw him present, he also inspired me to action. He is sharp, funny, and incredibly sincere. It is quite apparent that he gives you everything he has both on and off the stage. I highly recommend him as a spark to drive corporate change.

Elaine Osgood
Atlas Travel International

Our goal is to ensure that every single human asset within your organization is operating at their peak potential. This is an easy statement to say, but a very difficult task to achieve. We can help you achieve it.

Organizational Audits

Through a mix of state of the art on-line technology and old-fashioned roll-up your sleeves research; we can illustrate the strengths of your organization, and also highlight any weaknesses. We will present to you a clear and detailed report that illustrates key data points, and highlights specific recommendations.

Developing Your Talent

Improving human capital is the one and only focus of our organization. We can help you to develop your talent through off-the-shelf content, virtual training sessions, competency development/refinement, and programs that are customized for your organization. We will help your people develop the competence and commitment to excel at their jobs.

Our Approach to working with you

Our team can expand at the drop off a hat, we have a pool of over 100 consultants, facilitators, instructional designers, and industrial/organizational psychologists who are ready to assist you with your initiatives. These resources are located throughout the United States, and across the globe. We can and will work on one time projects, or we can operate on retainer for long-term implementations. We adapt and work by your protocol.