Thermo Fisher Scientific

Immunodiagnostics: Practicing Real-Life Customer Situations

Timeframe: 2016 - Ongoing

Industry: Biotech

Business Challenge:

  • Practice Professional Selling Skills (PSS) within
    a complex healthcare provider market with
    interconnected customers (ranging from individual
    allergists and pediatricians to health systems and labs)
  • Improving strategic planning and collaboration across the
    sales organization to identify and pursue opportunities
  • Leveraging new tools and resources (e.g., iPads, marketing)

Project Summary:

  • LIFT developed a complex competitive role-play simulation where teams practiced numerous sales calls with a connected network of practitioners and influencers in a health system and competed on sales results.
  • LIFT designed a follow-up game using case studies and coaching scenarios to build questioning skills.


  • Very positive response and impact – practicing PSS skills.
  • District Managers and other leaders got great coaching practice by role-playing customers and evaluating the sales team’s performance.
  • This simulation is now built into the on-boarding training curriculum for new sales representatives and district managers.