Schindler's Drive for "Customer Excellence"

Timeframe: 2013 - 2015

Industry: Construction

Business Challenge:

  • Achieve U.S. buy-in and adoption of a global Customer Excellence and Customer-Oriented Behavior culture change initiative
  • Create a T4T design for Regional Leaders

Project Summary:

  • LIFT conducted in-depth interviews with target participants and business leaders to assess needs for adapting a global program for effective implementation in the U.S. organization.
  • LIFT further adapted the global program for different U.S. functional areas, e.g., separate sales teams, installation/service superintendents and corporate headquarters.


  • Became the basis for ongoing culture change and training curriculum.
  • Leaders felt comfortable delivering content because it was adapted to their functional area and target customer, i.e., it ‚Äútalked their language”.