CADD Microsystems

Partnership Over Time

Timeframe: January 2011 - Current

“I first met Bob Logue when he led a five day training session for Autodesk in 2008. He was dynamic, insightful, and fun but what impressed me the most was how much he knew about sales and sales leadership. He didn’t just know from a book; he knew from actually being an accomplished sales person and sales leader.”

— Jeff Anselene, VP of Commercial Sales for CADD Microsystems


  • Delivered sales audits to confirm CADD’s specific needs
  • Delivered multiple sales training programs for new hires and experienced sales people
  • Created customized content and role-plays to align with CADD’s culture and unique needs
  • Facilitated a company-wide communication seminar
  • Designed a customized “Presenting to Clients” program
  • Led a strategic planning session to confirm company alignment and direction