ALDI Foods

From Management to Leadership

Timeframe: 2013 - Ongoing

Industry: Grocery Retail

Business Challenge:

  • Refine a leadership philosophy (The Aldi Management System) and align it to the current needs of the US labor pool.

Project Summary:

  • LIFT customized the Wilson Learning “Building Relationship Versatility”
    program into a 1.5-day workshop entitled “Leadership Through Communication”.
  • LTC was so well received that it has been rolled out to Directors, Warehouse Leaders and Store Managers nationwide.
  • LIFT has designed and piloted a follow-up program, “Achieving Cooperative Leadership”, to further build leadership coaching skills.


  • 429 District Managers have gone through the LTC program.
    LIFT continues to conduct LTC workshops for new DMs.
  • All 138 Warehouse Directors & Supervisors have attended LTC. Aldi’s
    Warehouse Committee is now considering rollout to Shift Supervisors.
  • 443 Store Managers have attended LTC – ongoing nationwide rollout.
  • 97% positive workshop evaluation scores.
  • “Achieving Cooperative Leadership” (ACL) will be rolled out in Fall of 2017.
    • The most recent ACL Pilot class showed a 28% increase in demonstrating high Leadership Versatility vs. pre-LTC – quantifying the impact of LTC!
  • LIFT’s leadership training programs have been integrated into curriculum of the newly established ALDI Academy.