• Robert Logue

    Bob’s career in human performance improvement began when he was first hired as a teaching assistant for Ken Blanchard at Cornell University in 1990. He spent years refining his knowledge of leadership at the Ken Blanchard Companies, before shifting his focus to sales improvement at Wilson Learning. With his “apprenticeship” complete, Bob launched LIFT Consulting in 2006. Bob is focused, passionate, and enthusiastic, he will bring these positive traits to your organization.

  • Kelley Ristow

    Kelley comes to Lift with a background in the performing arts. Kelley is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where her focus was on theatre and communication. Kelley's work in theatrical teaching led her to explore the field of training. At Lift, Kelley has crafted a role that researches, develops and executes unique and customized learning solutions. Outside of Lift, Kelley has co-founded The Back Room Shakespeare Project, an unrehearsed Shakespeare event that strives to rip classic plays from the grave, and works with The Persephone Project, a workshop that teaches poetry and performance to inmates in the Illinois women's prison system. All of Kelley's projects aim to improve the way we communicate and learn in both our business and individual endeavors.

  • Marianne Prentice

    Marianne Prentice brings 14 years of pharmaceutical sales and management experience and a passion for learning and growth to all of her clients. Marianne’s strengths include effective communication of the sales process, creating innovative customer approaches to business issues, handling potential “road blocks” in a sale, and facilitating constructive dialogue in a time sensitive market. Her ultimate goal is to align her client’s people assets to their business strategy to ensure increased performance and growth.

  • Diane Murphy

    Diane Murphy is a change agent! She has spent over 20 years refining her approach which focuses on understanding issues and collaboration to achieve results. With her rich background in a multitude of industries, Diane brings a “real world” edge to her work. Not accepting the status quo, Diane challenges individuals to think and behave in ways that enhance both personal and professional growth. Whether she is engaged in a one-on-one conversation, or delivering a key-note address to an audience of hundreds, Diane creates an atmosphere of candor, humor and learning.

  • Thomas Koven

    Thomas brings over 20 years of experience facilitating and designing training programs for clients in a variety of industries around the world. His considerable field experience is focused on providing learning solutions for client's business challenges. As a designer and writer, Thomas produces a creative match between our client’s business issues and our learning strategies. A dynamic and engaging facilitator and coach, Thomas encourages people to reflect, learn and transform their business problems into concrete results.

  • Karen Dugan

    Karen established her career in the insurance industry, she began as a sales representative moved into management and ultimately became the Corporate Director of Training. She has been Consulting since 1992 within multiple industries, including Finance, High Tech, Manufacturing, Call Centers, Medical, and Energy. Her track record has established real-world organizational changes which increase sales productivity, customer loyalty, and employee fulfillment. Clients comment that “Karen worked closley with us to achieve our starategic goals.”